Welcome in August w/theme serpentine

1) Party item 2) Party paper 3) Paper party item 4) Paper ribbon 5) Place in Australia 6) Snake line 7) Garland 8) Narrow strip of colored paper 9) Embellishment

A long, coiled strip of colored paper that is thrown at parties. How appropriate for this month, the rolls can be thrown in the air because something very nice is coming from the ArtJournalS Specials, keep an eye on our socials.

Post your pages 🤩

We love to see what you made with the JournalWithUs prompt from this month. Post your pages in the JournalWithUs [with the ArtJournal Special] facebook group, tag the ArtJournal Specials and use the hashtag #JournalWithUs 

Ilse – [Dutch]

Charlene – [English]

where do I post my JournalWithUs art pages?

Don't forget to post your pages to the JournalWithUs facebook group or to the Elizabeth Craft Designs group using the hashtag #JournalWithUs

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  1. Jane

    Wonderful videos. I’m excited to see and have the new collection. You both make wonderful things together.
    Thank you for doing a video in English, very much appreciated 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! ♥️

  2. tanny

    super leuk de filmpjes !!!!!!!

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