Welcome in November w/theme turquoise

Turquoise is a blue color. And with this color we are both going to get started again. This time only Charlene subtitled her video. Ilse lost her voice at the KreaDoe after the intro movie.

We both use several different elements from the upcoming new release of the ArtJournal Specials. Say what! You can expect these at your favorite hobby store within 2 weeks.

Post your pages 🤩

We love to see what you made with the JournalWithUs prompt from this month. Post your pages in the JournalWithUs [with the ArtJournal Special] facebook group, tag the ArtJournal Specials and use the hashtag #JournalWithUs 

Ilse – [Dutch]

Charlene – [English]

where do I post my JournalWithUs art pages?

Don't forget to post your pages to the JournalWithUs facebook group or to the Elizabeth Craft Designs group using the hashtag #JournalWithUs

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  1. Dakota

    I really would like to do this but when I clink on Charlene everything is in Dutch which unfortunately I do no speak or read

    1. Hi Dakota,
      the site from Ilse -> IKmetliefde is 98% translated to English 🙂
      hope you will find your answers over there.
      ♥️, Ilse

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