Welcome in December w/theme sap green

Green mainly gives an association with new life, young, fresh and fresh, and furthermore with primitiveness and naturalness. It is also the color of hope and peace. Because of this association, newcomers or inexperienced individuals (e.g., in the military, at sea, in student societies) are often referred to as "newbies."

Perfect to spend these last sunny days with and to look further after the autumn that will also bring a lot of fun.

Post your pages 🤩

We love to see what you made with the JournalWithUs prompt from this month. Post your pages in the JournalWithUs [with the ArtJournal Special] facebook group, tag the ArtJournal Specials and use the hashtag #JournalWithUs 

Ilse – [Dutch]

Charlene – [English]

where do I post my JournalWithUs art pages?

Don't forget to post your pages to the JournalWithUs facebook group or to the Elizabeth Craft Designs group using the hashtag #JournalWithUs

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