Brand new inspiration is coming!

Jingle Bells, jingle Bells, jingle all the waaaaay 🎶 Are you also looking forward to December? With a rug on the couch, candles on, snowflakes fluttering down, a journal full of winter scenes, December is finally coming!

This year Charlene and Ilse will again host JournalYourDecember, and we will once again get started in a creative booklet. Every day of December has its own prompt (in Dutch theme). You can choose to combine prompts on 1 page or to process each theme on 1 page. 

- a fun challenge -

Let's make it a December to... remember! And how nice is that when we work out fun assignments every day. Challenges that excite you, that make you discover new things, that you can process in your own way. With or without photos, just the way you like it.

Ilse – [flip through]

the prompts in '21

01. rudolph
02. chimney
03. pinecone
04. elves
05. presents
06. ornaments
07. snowball
08. cookies
09. lights
10. fir
11. mistletoe
12. gifts
13. stars
14. sleighbells
15. snowflakes
16. fireplace

17. snowglobe
18. poinsettia
19. candle
20. wreath
21. North Pole
22. hot chocolate
23. cold outside
24. stocking
25. christmas tree
26. bow
27. holly
28. blanket
29. ice
30. marshmallows
31. glitter

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  1. Virginie Broeken

    Hoi Ilse,
    Ik krijg een foutmelding bij het opgeven van de nieuwsbrief voor december.
    Groetjes Virginie Broeken

    1. Hoi Virginie, de foutmelding is opgelost en je bent toegevoegd
      ♥️ Ilse

  2. Cindy Sugerik

    Any newsletter provided in English? Will there still be a group sharing on ECD? Sounds like kits only available overseas. I am US.

    1. Hi Cindy, nice to hear your interested in JournalYourDecember! We are based in the Netherlands, so we do most of it in Dutch. But we know there are a lot of ECD-fans based outside of the Netherlands. So we provide JournalYourDecember also in English.
      You can order the kit also, but we can’t guarantee you it will be on time. So maybe its the best to order only the online workshop.
      We hope you join us with JournalYourDecember.
      ♥️ Ilse

  3. Mary G

    Lose, thank you for your reply to Cindy, I am also interested in the workshop and am in the US!

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